THE SHOP Our little online shop provides and creates a wide variety of naturally grown and handcrafted home goods that help  build your families natural health & home. We strive to provide families with the best in organic herbs and botanicals. Consider us your healthy home supplier.

GIVING BACK 10% of very purchase made through our shop helps bring another orphan (no more!) home to their family. While %40 of our sales goes to families actually enrolled in our Eden Kids Program“For your home, for their future!” 

THE LEARNING We are here to encourage learning. Better helping you familiarize yourself with herbs more simply, while making it all a little less scary or intimidating. We want to open the treasure trove, of an almost forgotten knowledge. We want to help you better understand and use these God given plants for their natural purpose. We know how absolutely breathtaking and rewarding it is when you start to study, and when you begin to learn just how intricate and just how purpose filled, each plant was created for. You will be left awestruck at the tiny details God never leaves out! We also want to show you a variety of avenues that will enable you to stay healthy, strong, and help prevent sickness from creeping in. So when you do get sick, you will have the tools and the confidence to look for a natural way first. Allowing you to give your body what it needs, when it needs it.


TAKING CHARGE We want to help you learn how to take responsibility of you and your families health naturally. Mainly through the use of organic herbs and botanicals. We want to help you become capable and confident in making good decisions when it comes to your natural way of living.   FOR WHO People who are naturally minded…and those who just want to learn a little more about herbs and botanicals. Along with those who have the same passion as we do about plants and people.


OUR REASON We believe modern medicine, doctors, and hospitals all have their place in each our lives. In fact our family is very grateful for the medical professionals in our own lives personally. We see the advancement in modern medicine as a blessing, yet we also see how often it has become overused. We believe modern medicine has become the first resort for many, but we want you to encourage you to think outside the box first. Here at Eden Ridge we like to focus more on preventing than actual treatment.


NOT THAT CRUNCHY We don’t consider ourselves 100% crunchy. We still find ourselves enjoying “unhealthy things” and seriously don’t do everything au naturale around here. This is a journey our family continues to be on, too! We continue to educate ourselves through self-study, and are enrolled in courses through an online academy to advance our knowledge in herbs and botanicals even further. Never stop learning! Our motto: There’s ALWAYS more to learn!” Thanks for joining us on this journey!


Isn’t really our story, but the Lord’s. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read how Eden Ridge began, you can do so here. We are excited to see how God continues to bless this little shop and it’s ministry to orphans. 

Thanks for joining the journey!