Eden Ridge Acres
is a small family farm nestled on 26 acres, in beautiful rural south-central Iowa.  Striving to provide Des Moines, and surrounding metro communities with a delectable pleasing array of dried herbs, teas, and organically grown seasonal farm-fresh produce (fruits, veggies, herbs), along with a growing selection of natural home goods and essentials.

We desire to provide and introduce the local community with a renewed appreciation for the past traditions of fresh heirloom farm to plate goodness. The way we grow food, from seed to harvest is founded on an organically grown philosophy that values a natural and healthy way of living – that can produce for generations to come.




We have been feeding our family of 9 out of our garden and self-grown orchard, brewing up herbal teas, mixing up natural cleaners and body care products, along with home goods and gifts for years! We enjoy spending time outdoors on the farm, chasing, loving and homeschooling our 7 free-range children, (5 through birth, 2 through adoption.) We unashamedly consider ourselves tea snobs, fond of butter, bacon grease, and too often than not, we’re whipping up something decadent and scrumptiously fattening in the kitchen. Our family has a deep passion for God, and he is the driving force behind what we do, and who we do it for.


naturally grown & handcrafted home ESSENTIALS FROM THE FARM,  That give back.


Eden Ridge Acres, has a strong emphasis on God, and family.  Every child no-matter their disability, deserves the love and security of a family.  Purchasing from the farm allows customers to play a part in something pretty awesome! Helping orphans come home to their families while bringing home the best in natural goodness. 10% of every purchase, helps bring orphans home to their families!
“For your home, for their future.”