Eden Ridge is owned and operated by  Shane & Esther, a husband and wife team. We provide naturally grown and handcrafted home goods and gifts that give back. We have our own signature line of *100% organic small batch loose tea blends, and a growing selection of *100% organic herbs, spices, seasonings, handmade keepsakes, gifts and more.

With a growing knowledge of botanicals and a love for natural ingredients over the years, we decided it was time. Time to share what our family uses on a daily basis, doing the things we were already doing and loving what we were doing!

During our first adoption, we revamped our business with a greater purpose – helping orphans get home to their families by carefully formulating our own Eden Ridge products to share with you! Our herbal products are tenderly curated using the highest quality certified organic or ethically wildcrafted plants from all over the world, from some of the best reputable and ethical companies, while our HOME+SOUL products are all handmade using as many American made ingredients and materials we can get our hands on, whenever possible.


Here at Eden Ridge we have a strong emphasis on providing a wide variety of high quality *organic products, and handcrafted goods to help you build your families natural health & home. Allowing you to play a part in something pretty awesome! 10% of every purchase made through our shop, helps bring orphans home to their families! “For your home, for their future.”

Our Eden Kids fundraising program helps equip families going through the adoption process, by providing families an even greater opportunity to bring their adoption communities together; while simultaneously helping reduce their adoption expenses by earning 40% of Eden Ridge sales!


naturally grown & handcrafted home goods, that give back.


We have been feeding our family of 9 out of our garden and self grown orchard, brewing up herbal teas, mixing up natural cleaners and body care products, along with home décor and gifts for years! We decided it was time to share our everyday essentials with our friends and family.

We enjoy spending time outdoors on our 2 acre homestead, chasing, loving and homeschooling our 7 free-range children. (5 through birth, 2 through adoption.)

We are unashamedly self-proclaimed tea snobs, fond of our butter, bacon grease, and too often than not whipping up something decadent and scrumptiously fattening in our kitchen.

We have a deep passion for Jesus and he is the driving force behind what we do, and who we do it for.

Thank you, for choosing Eden Ridge as your family home market for all things home & soul!

Shane & Esther
the eden ridge team



Adding luster to the designing process, and packaging. Creating and mixing up small batches of home products, signature teas, and working with the customers.


Laser master and Tea Tester. Creating the final custom lasered product, and the brains behind much of the technical work here at Eden, he keeps it running smoothly and efficiently.


The Photographer. Using her keen eye and natural talent for helping products show their true beauty and colors, helping them share their story. We like to say “she makes us look good.”


Our commitment to you is excellence in product quality. We strive to provide our customers with ingredients and materials that are grown organically. All of our tea and herb ingredients are purchased by reputable companies nation wide that source very high quality ingredients from all over the world. Many of which are from farmers who are Fair Trade and who wildharvest. *We always purchase certified organic ingredients whenever they are available. When organic is not available, we carefully select the best wildcrafted or “grown without chemicals” from sources that have a strong plant sustainability program, and can provide us with their certification. All of our ingredients come from a small handful of choice companies that go through strict regulations and testing. Each company we purchase products from complies with the Global Standard for Food Safety, as well as regulations from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), along with many other certifications. Our products we purchase have gone through a full allergen program and are under tight controls to prevent cross-contamination. Our small business also follows the GSF safety and FDA packaging guidelines suitable to our business type. We also follow strict regulations that aren’t even yet qualified for our small business. We feel this is important, as we aim for quality and integrity, and continue to seek certified organic status ourselves.

Giving Back
10% of very purchase made through our shop helps bring another child home to their family. “For your home, for their future!”  While %40 of our sales goes to families actually enrolled in our Eden Kids Program.




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