Eden Ridge Acres
is a small family farm nestled on 26 acres in beautiful rural south-central Iowa.  Providing, and creating a wide variety of naturally grown and handcrafted home goods that help build your families natural health & home. Striving to provide the local community with the best in chemical-free (though not certified organic, we use all the same natural growing concepts Рnaturally grown the way it was intended.) The farm provides a gorgeous array of dried herbs, teas, and botanicals, as well as seasonal farm-fresh produce (fruits & veggies) along with a growing selection of home essentials. 10% of all farm sales, support families going through the adoption process.



Shane and Esther have been feeding their family of 9 out of the garden and self-grown orchard, brewing up herbal teas, mixing up natural cleaners and body care products, along with home goods and gifts for years! They enjoy spending time outdoors on their 26-acre farm, chasing, loving and homeschooling their 7 free-range children. (5 through birth, 2 through adoption.) They unashamedly consider themselves self-proclaimed tea snobs, fond of butter, bacon grease, and too often than not, whipping up something decadent and scrumptiously fattening in their farm kitchen. The family has a deep passion for Jesus and explain how he is the driving force behind what they do, and who they do it for.


naturally grown & handcrafted home goods, that give back.


Here at Eden Ridge Acres, there is a strong emphasis on God, and family. Every child no-matter their disability deserves the love and security of a family. Purchasing from the farm allows customers to play a part in something pretty awesome! Helping orphans get home to their families while bringing home the best naturally grown goodness to their families. 10% of every purchase, helps bring orphans home to their families! “For your home, for their future.”