Our birds are raised on pasture we are slowly regenerating on our small family farm. Their diets are also supplemented with our own blend of GMO-free and soy-free mix, as well as sprouted grains both have been carefully formulated to complement our birds’ natural diets. Every day our birds are brought to fresh new pasture, they enjoy the fresh country air and sunshine like birds were created to do. With our birds being raised on a natural diet, they have no need for antibiotics or hormones.

Taste the difference! Once you experience the taste of old-time raised chicken, you won’t think twice about purchasing conventional meat again!

Farm Pickups & Payments
Once your total is calculated, your deposit will be subtracted. An invoice will be emailed to you as soon as we have weight info in hand. Payments can be made before pickup, or at time of farm pickup. 

Our chickens usually dress out at 3-5+ pounds. Our Turkeys dress out at 10-19lbs (with average weight of 14lbs.)  Meat comes bagged and frozen, and we highly recommend you bring a cooler at time of farm pickup. (You will be notified of pickup date by email.) Our birds are processed at locker that holds to rigorous high standards. 


Pasture-raised meat tends to be higher in iron, higher in Omega 3, higher in antioxidants (Vitamin E, for example) as well as increased vitamin D.

June 7, 2023 – Reserve your chicken now!

November 2023 – Reserve your turkey now!
(Just in time for Thanksgiving!)  



Pastured Chicken & Turkey

Many of our families enjoy the freedom of ordering their poultry in bulk. Pre-ordering for the next available batch allows you the assurance you have meat for your freezer instead of hoping we have some available in our store when you need it most. You can pre-order 1 bird, 5 birds, 10 birds, 20 or more. 

When we have overflow chickens, we put them in our online store ready for purchase. If you don’t see any birds available for purchase, you can pre-order for the next available batch date. Maybe you’re not ready for your meat yet but want to pre-order, no worries, you can do that too!


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