Quest for healthy food

People just like YOU, are looking for healthy, natural food alternatives.  

Today’s conventionally animals’, are inundated with growth hormones and antibiotics, and are often raised on GMO-laden diets.

Many of these animals are raised in very inhumane ways, some animals never see the sun or grass, and are confined to small areas, not suitable enough for natural growth and health. 

What we put into our bodies does affect our health today, tomorrow, and even ten years from now!  


Commitment to quality

Purchase Eden Ridge pastured eggs and meat from our little family farm, and you will receive the reassurance and confidence that you’re making a wise, healthy choice for you and your family.

Our farm provides our animals with nutritious complete diets and the freedom to roam as they were naturally created to do. Doing so, gives the animals’ a head start on their health. Healthy animals = no need for antibiotics or growth hormones. If an animal ever becomes injured or ill, we use natural homeopath methods.

Regenerative practices ensure naturally grown, nutrient-rich, flavorful meat & eggs.





Wildlife Haven

At Eden Ridge we believe in a well-balanced farm. A portion of the land is for human food production,
The rest of the acres are used for natural habitat, suitable for country wildlife.
God expects us to be care-takers of his creatures and plants – even the wild ones!

A well-balanced approach keeps things swinging full circle.
We eat from the land, but we also must nourish the land. 

On any given day you may see many of these types of wildlife at the farm
(deer, wild turkey, fox, eagles, geese, dove, rabbits, squirrels, blue herons, owls, turtles, raccoons, pheasant etc.

Pasture-raised benefits

Pasture-raised animals provide meat and eggs that are safer and less likely to spread e coli, staph or salmonella bacteria, or other animal diseases.

Pasture-raised meat has the ability to fight against diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Meat produced from pasture contains a far higher level of vital omega-3 fatty acids than beef or pork raised conventionally. Omega-3s help protect heart cells and other systems in the body from developing stresses that can lead to such conditions as irregular heartbeats or high blood pressure. and also higher in antioxidants (Vitamin E, for example), and higher in vitamin D.

One omega-3 fatty acid that is abundant in grass fed dairy products, eggs, and meat is alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA. This good fat has been found to be present in high levels in the tissues of women who have survived breast cancer and who have not suffered the growth of a new tumor.

Pasture raised meat has lower amounts of fat overall, compared with conventional feedlot raised animals. So, it is also lower in calories. 

Animals raised on pasture are happy, healthier, and therefore produce some of the best tasting meat full of vitamins that you just can’t get from feedlot or from conventionally raised animals. 

Land impact

The Institute for Environmental Research and Education showed that grazing animals promotes the return of native naturally grown plants – including red and white clover. Dairy cows that graze on fields with more than 20% red clover have a significant increase in the concentration of CLA in their milk.

The environmental impact of livestock production is reduced with pasture-raised animals: Less fossil fuel is required to raise and harvest feed or spread manure. With grain-based systems, more animals are kept than otherwise should probably be supported by a farm without purchasing extra supplements.

Excess manure applied to a limited land area of a farm, overwhelms the soil ecosystem, and leached nutrients pollute. The right number of animals per acre helps farms stay healthy too. 

Earthworm numbers in the soil of a rotating pasture system are much higher than a permenant plot. This is just another good indicator of the positive environmental impact  of pasture-raised livestock.

The quest is over...

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