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Leave it whole and roast it, or spatchcock it and fry it. Baked, grilled, or stuffed. The possibilities for preparing whole chickens are almost limitless. But it’s not only the versatility of these birds that you’ll love. Because our birds are pasture-raised, their meat is full of flavor due to the diversity of their natural free to roam diet. 2 whole birds.

Claim your chicken cuts for the next processing date! Aprox: End of May. early June. 2022. Read all about our pastured chicken here! Deposit will be applied to your total cost, and is non-refundable.



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Whole Chicken, 1 bird per pkg. (2 birds total.)

3-4 lb. bird $14 per bird
4-5 lb. bird $18 per bird
5+ lb. bird $22 per bird

All our birds are pastured raised, and therefore their sizes vary from 3-5+ pounds. Perfect for average crock pots or instant pots.

This is a variable weight item. Final price will be calculated based on actual weight. You only pay for the weight you purchase.

Checkout reserves your bird order and therefore is your deposit. Once total price is calculated based on actual weight, you will be emailed a link to prepay before farm pickup. This is a deposit and will be applied to your total cost, and is non-refundable.