Raw Honey (1 lb)


Straight from our hives to the jar! Our raw honey is unprocessed, no additives added, just simply packed full of natural enzymes, the way God intended!

Because our raw honey isn’t processed and is kept the way the bees made it, our honey will sometimes have a few bee parts and leftover chunks of wax. That’s why we do a coarse straining of the honey to remove these larger unwanted pieces from the beehive, while keeping all the other goodies inside in the most natural state possible. 1 lb. glass jar.

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Bring back your jar for $1 off your next jar of honey!

Bees travel miles and miles to collect pollen. Our honeybees are happily situated in unique places on our farm with an abundance of fruit trees, gardens and wildflowers to enjoy. We take extra precaution for our pollinators, plants and people on our farm by being part of the Field Watch Registry (the no spray registry). This helps give an “extra layer” of protection and health for our food!

Natural honey contains living enzymes? It takes about 2 million visits to flowers to create the honey in this jar. All pure honey is dependent on the flowers in a certain region and changes flavor and texture from season to season and year to year.

Ingredients: Honey (Fresh from our family farm.)