Raw Honey Sticks


Eden Ridge raw honey sticks provide an easy and convenient way to transport and store honey. They keep forever…in a desk drawer, locker or kitchen cupboard. Perfect size for camping and hiking. Offering quick energy for athletes, a natural sugar boost to diabetics and just-the-right-touch-of-honey for your coffee or tea.  Each stick contains approximately 1 teaspoon of 100% pure raw honey from our farm, has approx. 4g of carbs and 15 calories per straw. To use, cut off an end and squeeze the honey out. 2 honey sticks. 

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Did you know?

Bees travel miles and miles to collect pollen. Our honeybees are happily situated in unique places on our farm with an abundance of fruit trees, gardens and wildflowers to enjoy. We take extra precaution for our pollinators, plants and people on our farm by being part of the Field Watch Registry (the no spray registry). This helps give an “extra layer” of protection and health for our food!