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Go whole hog wild! Bring home the bacon AND the ham! Fill your freezer full, with ALL your pork favorites!
Claim your half hog, for the next processing date April 2023. Read all about our pastured pork here!

Deposit will be applied to your total cost of the hog and is non-refundable. 



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A whole hog consists of these meat cut options.

SHOULDER MEAT - 2 options: Steaks, roasts, cutlets, cottage bacon, or ground.

HOCKS - 4, Cured ham hocks for soup or grind into trim options

HAMS - 2, Cured/smoked or uncured (Option for keeping whole, or cut into 1/2, roasts, steaks, or sliced sandwich meat.)

LOINS - 2, Whole/bone in, or boneless, roasts bone in or boneless, or chops (Chops are all 1" thick)

RIBS - Spareribs or choice to grind into trim options

SIDES - 2 options, Cured or uncured bacon, or grind into trim options (thick cut, 3/16)

TRIM - 2 options included in pricing, choice options: ground pork, sausage (breakfast, Italian) (all options are in 1 lb packages) Want to add more variety? $5.00 extra for each additional option.

HEART - keep or discard

LIVER - keep or discard

LARD - keep or discard

**All roasts are approx. 3lbs each. Perfect for average crock pot or instant pot.
Patties available upon special request, and at an additional fee. 25lb minimum order.

Upon ordering - you will be sent a link to our online form. Please choose your choice of cuts, sign, and promptly return. 

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Weight 180 lbs