Half Hog Deposit


Not enough freezer space? Don’t get hog-tied! Buying a half hog; may just be your side of bacon!

Claim your half hog, for the next processing date aprox. Sep/Oct 2022. Read all about our pastured pork here!
Deposit will be applied to your total cost of half a hog and is non-refundable.

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A half hog consists of these meat cut options

SHOULDER MEAT – 1, Steaks, roasts, cutlets, cottage bacon or ground.

HOCKS – 2, Cured ham hocks for soup or grind into trim options

HAMS – 1, Cured/smoked or uncured (Option for keeping whole, or cut into 1/2, roasts, steaks, or sliced sandwich meat.)

LOINS – 1, Whole/bone in, or boneless, roasts bone in or boneless, or chops (Chops are all 1″ thick)

RIBS – Spare ribs or choice to grind into trim options

SIDES – 1 options, Cured or uncured bacon, or grind into trim options (thick cut, 3/16)

TRIM – 1 options included in pricing, choice options: ground pork, sausage (breakfast, italian, maple or green onion) or brats, (all options are in 1 lb packages) Want to add more variety? $5.00 extra for each additional option

**All roasts are approx. 3lbs each. Perfect for average crock pot or instant pot.
Patties available upon special request, and at an additional fee. 25lb minimum order.

Upon ordering – you will be sent a link to our online form. Please choose your choice of cuts, sign, and promptly return.