Farm Box | Full Season (Self Select)


Enjoy 17 weeks of hands-on experience with a full season of perks while self-selecting, shopping & packing your own Eden Ridge weekly produce box, while also enjoying a full season of perks.  Approx. 7-8 produce items each week.



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  • 1 free Farm Membership (includes 5% off qualifying farm products & much more!) 1 membership per household, (if you buy a second box, you still only get 1 membership.)
  • early market table access (1 hr. prior) to opening to the public.
  •  weekly farm box email with recipes, prep hints, helpful tips on using up your produce.
  • first dibs on additional produce for purchase in our online store (read those emails)
  • option to swap out 1 item per week for an equal or lesser value item.
  • access to our private Facebook group with recipes, photos, ideas, Q&A's, unboxing videos, and a gathering community of like-minded food freedom lovers
  • enjoy a hands-on experience of self-shopping & packing your own weekly box - this option is a semi-custom option with some guided shopping guidelines.

The first few boxes of the season will contain some cooler crops like lettuce, spinach, cauliflower etc... but you will begin to see your box "grow" and become more abundant as the season progresses forward and onward with growth. In the summer weeks you'll be able to enjoy things like tomatoes, okra, *sweet corn, zucchini, melons, and even strawberries! As the fall weeks come along, you'll discover your cooler crops again, plus things like potatoes, garlic and pie pumpkins etc... If you want to see some of the produce you'll find in your box over the different weeks, get a glance by visiting our What We Grow page. Want to learn more about our Farm Boxes? Go here!

Add additional items like farm fresh free-range eggs, raw honey, farm teas, jams, jellies & preserves to your weekly boxes by ordering online and picking up when you grab up your weekly box!