Cherry Tomatoes (Vine Ripened)


Extraordinarily sweet and fragrant; brilliant, deep red color, truly picked after they’ve ripened on the vine. These lovely little treats are deep red with a wonderful sweet flavor that pops into your mouth as you eat them fresh. Sold in 8 oz. bags.

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Sold on the vine to keep tomatoes as fresh as possible. There is nothing like truly fresh vine ripened tomatoes. Sold by the pound.

Keep tomatoes at room temperature, on the vine until ready to use. For freshest flavor, it’s best to eat truly vine ripened tomatoes within 2-3 days of them being picked, for freshest flavor. Remember, our produce is always picked within 24 hours of you receiving them.

Vine ripened tomatoes are an ideal garnish for appetizer platters, added to stir-fries or roasting whole on the vine. These tomatoes are perfect in fresh sauces when paired with garlic, summer vegetables and dried Mediterranean herbs. Use on skewers or pair whole tomatoes with pasta, meat, poultry, seafood fresh cheeses, melon, basil and parsley.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, potassium, and dietary fiber.

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