Lemon Balm (Heirloom)



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Fresh Lemon Balm leaves should be gently washed and dried, then stored in a clear plastic bag and a paper towel in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

For drying: Dry cleaned leaves by gently laying them on a clean towel to remove any surface moisture. Water droplets will cause the leaves to turn dark brown or black when hung to dry, so try to remove as much moisture as you can.

In a dehydrator…

  • spread stems and leaves on the drying trays of a dehydrator. Set the temperature at its lowest setting (95°F or 35°C) and dry for 12 to 18 hours.

To hang dry…

  • Gather 5-6 stems and tie together with kitchen string. Allow for good air circulation, do not tie too many stems together.
  • Hang in a dark place.

How long it takes to dry your herbs will depend on your humidity level – it could take as little as one week or as long as three weeks. Just be sure that the leaves are completely dry and brittle before you take them down for storage.

To store your lemon balm, keep the leaves and stems in big pieces to retain as much flavor as possible. Store your herbs in paper bags or glass jars (avoid plastic bags as they may lead to condensation). Only when you’re ready to use your herbs should you crumble them up to release their essence.

Use and enjoy as desired.

Contains both Vitamin C and Thiamin (a B vitamin) The extract of lemon balm has high antioxidant levels. Lemon balm has calming and soothing properties; thus it is used in herbal tea remedies and lemon balm oil is often used in aromatherapy.