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Become part of a growing farm community. Share in the day-to-day blessings and bounty of the farm. Grace your table with naturally grown and pasture-raised foods without all the junk, while saving a little extra money in your pocket with our annual farm membership! Fully experience your local farm and all it has to offer all year long! See how the plants grow in the rich farm soil. Watch the animals graze on pasture, breathe in the fresh country air, take in the sunshine while enjoying the view.

Come, join our farm family, today!

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2022 Farm Membership Benefits

Membership expires 365 days from the day purchased. You may renew again the next year, at any time.

  • 10% off our entire farm store - ALL YEAR LONG!
  • 10% off our Farm to Table Boxes - ALL YEAR LONG!
  • 10% off our bulk pastured meats - ALL YEAR LONG! (Member discount excludes all bulk meat deposits. Your discount will be applied at final invoicing.)
  • 10% off our pastured meat cuts.
  • 10% off at any of our farmers market booths - ALL YEAR LONG!
  • Simplistic old-fashioned farm fun events, exclusively for farm members only.
  • First access to public farm events, before mentioned to the public.
  • Free farm entry, to any open to the public farm events, for you and your immediate family only.
  • First access to products, sales or specials before they go on sale to the general public.
  • A farmer you can talk to, and a farm you can visit.
  • The rare opportunity to know exactly where your food comes from, and how it was grown.
  • Knowing you are supporting local, while supporting your local farm family.
  • Part of a great community of farm members who support each other and the farm.
  • Tableside confidence - ALL YEAR LONG!

HOW DO I USE MY 10% off?
Once you order or renew a Farm Membership you will get a welcome email within 24 business hours. In that email, be sure to print off your very own special coupon code and even screen shot it. Use this code whenever you shop our online farm store or visit markets. This coupon is strictly for you and immediate family members living in your household only.

**Discounts do NOT apply until you have received your farm membership by email. You must always apply your membership code when ordering online. If ordering at market, you must present or mention your membership code before checkout.

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