Dandelion Root, Raw


Although you may think of dandelion Taraxacum officinale as a pesky weed, the plant has long been used in herbal medicine for its appetite-stimulating, digestion-aiding, and laxative effects. In traditional Chinese medicine and Native American medicine, dandelion root was used for stomach problems and liver conditions. In Europe, it was also used for diabetes, boils, and inflammation. Today, herbalists often suggest dandelion root for many different conditions from Rheumatoid Arthritis to Heartburn.


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Dandelion Root Uses:
Use the dried root as a tea or tincture.
One of the main uses of dandelion root is as a liver tonic. It is thought to help the liver function better and is even recommended by some practitioners to treat disorders affecting the liver.

Ingredients: Organic Dandelion Root, Raw.  Origin: China. 

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