Dandelion Leaf


Dandelion Leaf, Taraxacum officinale are very common throughout the world, to the point that they are considered a weed. But these so called “weeds” should be considered highly! The leaves are gathered in the spring season and then dried for use. Our dried, cut and sifted organic Dandelion leaves may be used to make tea. This dried herbs is naturally high in potassium salts.

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Dandelion Facts:
Dandelion is a member of the sunflower family that produces toothed leaves with high levels of iron, calcium and vitamins A, C and K. In Europe, the herb is a key ingredient in certain soft drinks, including traditional root beer. Dandelion leaf can be prepared as tea with other herbs, or it can be encapsulated or tinctured.

It is not advised to take dandelion herbs if your bile ducts are blocked or gall bladder is inflamed, or if you have a blockage of the intestines.

Ingredients: Organic Dandelion Leaf. 

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