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The biggest advantage of Ceylon Cinnamon, Cinnamomum verum or “true” cinnamon, is its ultra-low Coumarin levels. Coumarin in high doses may not be good for the liver, so for people who take Cinnamon on a daily basis for health reasons Ceylon may be the best choice.

Ceylon Cinnamon is the preferred choice of cinnamon. Perfect for desserts, slightly sweeter in taste, but adds a very complex flavor to dishes. but adds a very complex flavor. The aroma it gives off is a very sophisticated and fragrant smell. Because Ceylon Cinnamon tends to be mild and sweet, it lends itself to creating sophisticated layers of flavors that is not possible with the other Cinnamon varieties.

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Interesting Cinnamon Info:
Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of various trees of the genus Cinnamomum or related trees which are often referred to as Cassia. However, Cinnamomum Verum or Ceylon Cinnamon is often considered to be the only true variety of cinnamon. This variety of Cinnamon produces a less spicy and more complex, subtle, fragrant and citrusy flavor. Other varieties are derived from related trees termed Cassia. These other varieties of cinnamon, however, are spicier and not as subtle nor as flavorful, which makes the Ceylon Cinnamon a particular favourite of conoisseurs. The Ceylon Cinnamon is cultivated primarily in Sri Lanka which produces 80-90% of the word’s annual supply. This is where the name of this variety comes from – Ceylon is the ancient name for Sri Lanka. The inner bark of Cinnamomum trees is collected, dried and ground to obtain what has come to be known as the world’s finest variety of cinnamon powder. Cinnamon adds a wonderful and unique flavor to a host of preparations – desserts, tea, coffee and more.

Ingredients: Organic Cinnamon, Ceylon Powder.  Origin: Sri Lanka.

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