Bay Leaf, Whole


The Bay Leaf (Laurus nobilis) is an aromatic member of the Laurel family. Native to Asia minor, cultivation of the Bay Leaf spread through the Mediterranean and areas with similar warm climates. The Bay Leaf is quite versatile when used for food seasonings. The warm scent becomes quite noticeable when the leaf is broken, releasing its fragrant oils.


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The Bay Leaf’s flavor is slightly bitter and highly aromatic. Commonly used in soup, stew or sauce seasonings. Bay Leaf can make foods with long cooking times quite flavorful. It’s distinctive taste also makes it a good choice for pickling spice. When whole leaves are used, be sure to remove from the food before serving. To prolong the leaf’s flavor, store in a cool, dry location away from sunlight. In an airtight container under these conditions, bay leaves may retain their flavor for up to six months to two years for the best flavor.
Ingredients: *Organic Bay Leaves. Origin: Turkey.

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