Pastured Pork

How to reserve yours

  • Decide on purchasing a whole or half hog


  • Reserve hog option, by paying your deposit
    (deposits are applied towards your meat purchase
    and are non-refundable.)

  • Half hog deposit – $100


  • Whole hog deposit – $200


  • Once you lock your hog option in with deposit,
    download the online form.


  • Upon receiving your meat contract – please fill
    out your meat cut option form and return.


  • Hogs are priced $4.25 lbs. for whole hog or
    $4.50 lbs. for half hog. (Includes locker and processing fees.)


  • Once locker informs us of your hanging weight,
    we will send an invoice, with the remaining amount due.


  • Remaining payment is due in full, 1 week before pick up date.


  • Pick up your order at the farm, on your set date.


  • SOLD OUT | Fall Pork 2021


  • WAITING LIST OPEN | Next Pork Batch Available: June/July 2022
    Reserve your whole or half hog with deposits below! (Click on whole or half hog.)


Go whole hog wild! Bring home the bacon AND the ham! Fill your freezer full with ALL your pork favorites!


Not enough freezer space? Don’t get hog-tied! Buying a half hog; may just be your side of bacon!

About our pigs

Our happy and healthy pigs thrive on our farms lush nutrient pasture areas. These mixed heritage breeds (Berkshire/Hampshire/Duroc) root, roam and play.

They forage and feed on grass and garden/orchard produce and whole-food treats. They are also supplemented with a chemical-free special blend of wheat, oats, corn and alfalfa.

Our pigs prefer to work for their food, and on a regularly basis are directed to fresh pasture. Pigs really do graze! These highly intelligent and social animals thrive on foraging, playing and exploring.

We take great pride in offering our pigs a good life and the opportunity to fully express their natural and care-free “pigness.”

Pigs raised on pasture produce meat that is not only leaner and healthier but also better tasting.


Naturally grown pork

We believe what you eat does effect your health today, tomorrow and ten years from now!

Purchase Eden Ridge pastured pork from our family farm and you’ll also receive the reassurance and confidence that you’re making a compassionate, healthy choice for you and your family.

We never administer hormones or antibiotics to our pigs, and we make sure our animals are provided with nutritious complete diets and the freedom to roam. We use sustainable practices that ensure naturally grown, nutrient-rich, flavorful pork.


For family, for health, for the future of
sustainable farming.

Buying in bulk when purchasing meat,
rather than buying individual cuts,
not only saves you money,
but it also cuts on animal waste.

Buying meat in bulk, fills your freezer
for a longer period of time,
leaving one less
thing for you to worry about purchasing for your family throughout the year.




We raise our pigs on our farm until they reach
the age of processing.
On average, 7 months old,

weighing approximately 250-300 pounds.

Our pigs are taken to a local USDA certified
and inspected processor.

When your meat is ready,
you can pick up right from our farm.







All of our meat is packaged for four.

Roasts are around 3 lb. on average,
which fits nicely in an average sized
crock pot or instant pot.

This packaging size, is perfect for thawing.
The bigger the packaging, the longer the time
to properly thaw.

We’ve chosen this packaging size
not only for the reasons mentioned above,
but for the extended locker savings that
get passed down to you!
More bang for your buck!

By request only – we do offer packaging for 2.


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