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Eden Ridge Acres is a small Iowa local farm, owned and operated by us; Shane and Esther along with our our heart & soul team – our children.

Our 26 acre farm is nestled in beautiful rural south-central Iowa, in the gorgeously gentle rolling hills of the Warren County countryside. Just 15 minutes south of Jordan Creek Mall!

Providing Des Moines and surrounding metro communities with a delectable pleasing array of organically grown seasonal farm-fresh produce; fruitsveggiesherbs, raw honey, pasture-raised meat & eggs, along with a growing selection of tea and natural home goods and essentials

We have been feeding our family out of the garden and orchard, butchering our own meats, brewing up herbal teas, mixing up natural cleaners and body care products, along with home goods for over 15 years.

We take our tea very seriously, we’re fond of butter, bacon grease, and too often than not, we’re whipping up something decadent and scrumptiously delicious in the kitchen. 

We enjoy spending time outdoors on the farm, chasing and
loving our 7 free-range children, and getting our hands dirty in the rich farm soil. 




The Farmer

When not growing food or remodeling the farm house, he spends quality time with the kids outdoors on the farm, or playing a serious game of Catan now and again. Shane has a passion for adoption, family preservation and herbs. He enjoys wildlife, fishing, hunting and doing a variety of activities with his wife, like preserving foods, planting, harvesting and sipping tea together. Fun fact – not only does he have a green thumb, he has an amazing talent for carpentry, building most of the family’s furniture in the home.



The Farmers Wife

Has a passion for family, adoption, advocating for orphans and all things home. She’s geeky about plants, herbs, teas, flowers and neuroscience. Enjoys quality time home with her family, continues her herbalist studies with an online academy. Esther delights in working alongside her husband and children on the farm. Fun fact – she owned her own home bakery for 10 years, specializing in wedding cakes while her and her husband started their venture into organic gardening. 

 Our Mission

Reuniting farm and family back to the table.


Farm Beginnings

We have different types of farming in our backgrounds, though we both are 1st generation market garden farmers.

Shane grew up on a farm in Iowa, while Esther has a lot of farming and gardening in her family line as well.

Our passion for growing things was birthed in each of our lives, due to each of us having special family members who shared their love for plants and farming.

Shortly after marrying, we began “playing in the dirt.” It was a hobby we quickly grew to love, and one that quickly bloomed into ongoing learning  about organic farming practices, herbalism studies and eventually a business.

In 2006, on just 2 acres at Lake Panorama – Eden Ridge was in it’s very beginning stages. It’s where we built a home to stay forever.

With 2,000 sq feet of raised-garden space full of tasty vegetables, herbs and nineteen fruit trees, along with berries scattered here and there. It was a dreamy packed full homestead. 

Our small acreage was built with sweat and tears, trial and error and great success. It’s where our enthusiasm for growing things kept on growing. Our hobby started making a little income and we discovered we found something we really enjoyed doing.

Eventually, we found ourselves traveling up to 3x a week to Des Moines for medical appointments. We knew we needed to be closer to the Children’s Hospital. It was time to say good-bye to our community and the little haven we had built. 

While preparing to sell, we also began branding our “hopeful” someday farm in 2017, trusting God had better plans, but not knowing where we’d even end up.

Long story short, we transplanted new roots in Prole, Iowa in 2019, to our gorgeous 26 acre farm. Fun fact: we closed on our old acreage and new farm on the very same day!

Growing food is one the hardest most labor intensive areas of work we’ve ever done. However, we find great joy and satisfaction in getting dirt under our nails, watching plants peek through the soil, and sharing the harvest bounty with others. We find great joy when farm-friends tickle their taste buds with our fresh organically grown produce. We love knowing your family table is being graced with healthy and nutritious farm to plate goodness, just like ours.

The 1-1/2 acre pond at Eden Ridge 

Esther’s grandpa on the family farm in Minnesota.

History of the Land

In 1854 the DeVotie family purchased the original land from the United States Government. The farm was once part of several hundred acres, stretching from Churchville to where Highway 92 now resides.

For twenty-years, a portion of the land was mined for coal. It also saw the Great Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Western Co. Railway make its way through part of the original property, now known as the beautiful Great Western bike trail of Warren County, Iowa!

Over the years, the land was passed down from family members to family members, parcels sold off and inherited through wills. 

Today, we feel extremely honored to own such a treasure of land. Though we have no relation to these families – we have committed to cherishing these original precious preserved acres.

The best way we know how to “share” this little piece of haven with the locals, is to provide the community with the beauty and bounty of the land.


A tableside reunion of farm and family.





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