At Eden Ridge Acres, we farm in a way that keeps the land healthy and productive for the future. Our goal is to grow productive plants and beautiful, nutritious vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries but also to, improve and keep the soil and environment clean and healthy.

The way we grow food, from seed to harvest is founded on an organically grown philosophy that values a natural and healthy way of living – one that enhances and supports a healthy lifestyle for generations to come.

Our mission is to reunite farm and family back to the table. To provide the local community with a renewed appreciation for heritage farming, fresh heirloom and GMO-free, farm to plate goodness.


We use organic, heirloom and non-GMO seeds only.


All of our produce is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. We take extra precaution, our farm is also part of the Field Watch Registry (the no spray list.) We grow using a companion planting method. This helps keep bad pests away, while attracting good pests and pollinators to the gardens. Our produce is naturally good for you, and pollinator friendly! Win, win for all!


We manage diseases and pests by employing methods such as crop rotation and physical barriers such as row cover and wildflowers. We use companion planting. (Certain herbs with certain veggies or flowers help deter certain pests and attract the good pests!) Good weed management is also an important part of our pest and disease control strategy. As a last resort, we sometimes use naturally organic-approved pesticides to help save a crop.


We build soil fertility through the use of cover crops as well as natural organic approved fertilizers and composts. Whenever possible, we seed cover crops following each vegetable crop. Our goal is to have as much of the farm covered as possible before the winter.



We believe that diversity is key to a healthy farm, so we grow a wide variety of produce. Weeds are controlled with mulches (like straw, plastic mulch, landscape fabric and “living” mulches like clover) and minimal cultivation, as well as some good old-fashioned hoeing and hand-weeding!



Our happy hens (chickens & ducks) feed and roam all over our farm. Their diet is supplemented with our very own blended non-gmo, non-soy feed
and good old-fashioned sunshine. Our little ladies are hormone and vaccine free.
They get tucked into their cozy coop in the evenings to help keep them safe from country wild-life,
while allowing them to lay their eggs of many colors with dark golden yolks.


We believe in a well-balanced farm. A portion of our land is for human food production,
while maintaining part of it for the animals on the farm.
The rest of the acres are used for natural habitat, suitable for country wild-life.
God expects us to be care-takers of his creatures and plants – even the wild ones!

A well-balanced approach keeps things swinging in full circle.
We eat from the land, but we also nourish the land.

On any given day you may see many of these types of wildlife at the farm
(deer, turkey, fox, eagles, geese, bunnies, squirrels, cranes, owls, raccoons, pheasant etc.)

Farm family tested!
Growing what our family loves to eat!
Every crop is something our family personally serves on our own farm table.

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