what is the eden kids program?

It’s a program specifically tailored for families currently going through the adoption process (international, or domestic). We understand that one of the primary barriers that stands between children and families is often the cost associated with adoption. Our own hearts have a deep desire to help families raise the funds needed, to bring home their children. Our program gives families an opportunity to earn money; and help cut the cost of their adoption even further, because we understand, every penny counts! Our Eden Kids program isn’t just fundraiser; it’s another avenue to bring people together for one important mission – bring them home! Our products are centered around God, Faith, Ministry & Home. We strive to provide our families with purposeful, useful, meaningful and treasured items; while allowing your own adoption community to purchase items that are practical to their own families, their style, and their home; all while supporting your adoption. A win, win for all!

your purchase; their future

purchase products for your family, while helping bring an orphan home to theirs.

currently going through an adoption?

Interested in earning a percentage of Eden Ridge sales to go towards your adoption?

why do you do this?

Because God tells us to care for the least of these. (James 1:27) And we’ve been through the process ourselves twice. Adoption still lays heavy on our hearts, and we desire to see all children in God ordained family structures.

  • We know the feeling of finally saying “yes” to adoption. The second guessing, the fears, the ups and downs, the joys. 
  • We understand the scary step of faith it took. 
  • We know about the hard work and effort it takes to complete the daunting, head spinning paperwork. 
  • We’ve felt the paper cuts, every. single. one. 
  • We get the waiting. 
  • We can relate with the scary unknowns. 
  • We understand how important it is to have a community, and family come alongside you on such a journey. 
  • We know how it feels to FINALLY have that precious child in your arms. 
  • We want to help you!

we bring people together

With one important purpose, by allowing others to have a special part in your child’s adoption story. We have learned many times ourselves; that people really DO want to help. Many even get excited about adoption; but never really know how they can help. Our program is a wonderful tool to get others involved; it also helps you share your story for God’s glory; with products that reflect what you believe and stand for.

what are the requirements?

  • Both parents must be US citizens.
  • Families must be in the adoption process, using an adoption agency that is COA/Hague Accredited.
  • The Adoption Agency must be located in the United States.
  • Your family must be in good standing with your adoption agency and up-to-date on all paperwork.
  • Families who qualify must be adopting internationally, or domestically.
  • Families must be in process to have or have been approved a current home study from a licensed and accredited adoption agency or social worker. (Families with an already approved home study will be first priority.)
  • Families must submit their brief adoption story and why they’ve chosen to adopt, along with a current family photo & photo of child you are adopting. (Child photo – if available).
  • Families must submit their remaining adoption cost needs, while providing us the amount that has already been paid.
  • Approved families must sign a consent form to be able to use family photo,  and photo of adoptive child for the purpose of promoting the Eden Kids Program.

we're unable to assist

  • Independent adoptions through lawyers, facilitators, or humanitarian organizations licensed to place children.
  • Currently we are unable to help families going through an Embryo adoption.
  • Adoptions for which an application has already been submitted.
  • Families who have not completed an application or have not included all needed information.

simple & hassle free!

We had a bright idea to do our best to eliminate the extra’s. We know how crazy the adoption process is for families! We keep tweaking our program to provide families with a great fundraiser process; while doing our best to be thoroughly efficient. Our Eden Kids program is easy peasy from start to finish. Each approved family will receive a Eden Kids Starter email with everything they need, to help them understand the process better, while quickly enabling each family to get their fundraiser rolling as quickly as possible.

  • There’s is no cost to the family
  • No collecting of money or orders
  • No storing items
  • No distributing items
  • Everything is done online
  • Each family receives their own special code – so all their sales are tracked
  • Families earn 40% of sales on ALL of our Eden Ridge products purchased through the families special code.
  • Orders ship directly to the buyer
  • There is no waiting for your fundraiser to be over, before your adoption community can receive their items
  • Your fundraiser earnings get sent directly to your families account at your Adoption Agency 

how does payment work?

 Once your families fundraiser has been completed, payments will be sent directly to your adoption agency. This helps in keeping the Eden Kids program secure and for the purpose it was intended for, so we can continue blessing more families. Please allow up to 2 weeks for payments to be sent once your families fundraising event is officially completed. Eden Ridge never issues funds to families directly.


your products; their stories

shop for your family, and bring an orphan home to theirs.

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