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We get an abundance of questions about our farm. Her are some of our most occurring ones for your easy access. If you have a question and you don’t see it here – please reach out! We don’t want to leave you hanging!

Email hello@edenridgeacres.com to get your questions answered!


Please note, we do our best to reply within within 24 hours, during business hours.


Q: Are you certified organic?


Though we are not certified organic, we follow some of the same guidelines and concepts to insure our healthy foods are grown naturally, the way God intended. Becoming certified organic entails many holes and loops to go through, ones we have gone through to begin our certification, after we started our farm. We quickly begin to realize this type of certification was not for our farm (read more about our why, here.) We never use chemicals or synthetics to grow our food. Many of our dried teas and herb ingredients are purchased by reputable companies nation wide that source very high quality ingredients from all over the world, however when possible we always purchase USA grown ingredients first, when available. Many of which are from farmers who are Fair Trade and who wild harvest. *When we need to purchase an ingredient we can’t grow ourselves, we always purchase wild-harvested first. If that isn’t available, we purchase certified organic. All of our suppliers are part of a strong plant sustainability program, and can provide us with their certification. All of our ingredients we purchase come from a small handful of choice farms and companies that go through strict regulations and testing. Each supplier we purchase products from, complies with the Global Standard for Food Safety, as well as regulations from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), along with many other certifications. Our products we’ve purchased have gone through a full allergen program and are carefully controlled to prevent cross-contamination, that’s why we choose these suppliers for our ingredients! Our small business also follows the GSF safety and FDA packaging guidelines suitable to our business type. We also follow strict regulations that aren’t even qualified for our small farm. We feel this is important, as we aim for quality and integrity and a healthy future for families just like ours. We never sell a product our family doesn’t eat, or use ourselves.



Q: How long does processing and shipping take?

Generally packages leave our farm within 7 business days; occasionally we may be a little behind due to holidays or order rushes. From start to finish, your order is processed, filled, and shipped by our family team! For the highest quality and freshness, all of our products are hand-poured and filled per order, rather than pre-bagged. We pride ourselves on this personal touch to ensure every package is just perfect and extremely fresh. We do not ship fresh produce.



Q: Why can’t you ship fresh produce and fresh elderberry syrup?

We do not ship fresh produce or our fresh elderberry syrup, as that requires a whole new farm expense and certification to do so legally and safely. We’d rather not pass on that expense to our faithful farm customers either. We do wish this was an option, but at this time it isn’t feasible for our small at this time. We work hard to build a local connection to our local families, and are so pleased we have our farm-pick up options for our fresh farm items. We are able to ship nation-wide, all of our dried herbs, spices and teas!


Q: Can I add to my order after it’s already been placed?

Our online payment processing pre-authorizes your credit card for the total amount of your order, we are unfortunately unable to make changes. Due to ecommerce regulations and for our customers’ protection, we are not able to charge more than your original pre-authorization. Adding to, or changing the order is not possible without voiding the pre-authorization or canceling and refunding the original order.


Q: Where is my tracking information?

Most shipped orders take up to 7 business days to leave our farm after being hand-poured, scooped, wrapped and packaged with care. Rest assured, we will automatically send you an email with your tracking details and an estimated arrival date! If you have any questions about the status of your order, don’t hesitate to email us at hello@edenridgeacres.com. If you still don’t see an email with your tracking, please check your spam.


Q: How do I purchase/apply a gift certificate?

Eden Ridge Acres offers gift certificates and they can be purchased right in our online farm store in $10 increments. You may redeem your gift certificate online by entering the gift certificate number into the coupon code box at checkout. If you are paying for your order at time of farm pick up, or at a farmers market, please show certificate at time of paying for your purchase. All gift certificates must be used in full. If the value of your gift certificate is greater than or equal to the total amount of your order (with shipping included). We are unable to “redeem” or credit your account at this time. If a balance remains on your order after using your gift certificate, you may pay the rest by credit card.


Q: What is the shelf life of your dried Herbs & Teas? And what is the best way to store them?

Shelf life varies from one herb and tea to another. A powdered herb will lose its properties much faster than a whole or cut herb, yet still have a long shelf life. Those with volatile oils like peppermint will lose their freshness much sooner than those without those types of natural oils. Roots have the longest shelf life as they are much denser than flowers or leaves. We suggest using your herbs and teas by the expiration date listed on our packaging for best flavor and full nutrient rich vitamins to do their “thing.”





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